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Protein linked to heart health, disease a potential therapeutic target for dementia

Posted on June 22, 2021

Brain protein reduces Alzheimer’s-like brain damage in mice Read More

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Anti-aging compound that improves metabolic health in mice improves muscle glucose metabolism in people

Posted on April 22, 2021

Further studies underway to determine extent of clinical benefits Read More

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An open-source device for measuring food intake and operant behavior in rodent home-cages

Posted on April 12, 2021

Bridget Alexandra Matikainen-Ankney, Thomas Earnest, […] Meaghan C Creed, Victor A Cazares, Matthew W Buczynski, Michael J Krashes, Zane B Andrews, Alexxai V Kravitz. 2021) eLife, 10, art. no. e66173, . Read More

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