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APOE genotype regulates pathology and disease progression in synucleinopathy

Posted on February 20, 2020

Albert A. Davis, Casey E. Inman, Zachary M. Wargel, Umber Dube, Brittany M. Freeberg, Alexander Galluppi, Jessica N. Haines, Dhruva D. Dhavale, Rebecca Miller, Fahim A. Choudhury, Patrick M. Sullivan, Carlos Cruchaga, Joel S. Perlmutter, Jason D. Ulrich, Bruno A. Benitez, Paul T. Kotzbauer and David M. Holtzman. Science Translational Medicine, Volume 12, Issue 529, 5 February 2020 Read More

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Optical coherence tomography image denoising using a generative adversarial network with speckle modulation

Posted on February 18, 2020

Zhao Dong, Guoyan Liu, Guangming Ni, Jason Jerwick, Lian Duan, Chao Zhou. Journal of Biophotonics, 2020, Article number e201960135 Read More

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Sex is an important prognostic factor for glioblastoma but not for nonglioblastoma

Posted on February 16, 2020

Haley Gittleman, Quinn T Ostrom, L C Stetson, Kristin Waite, Tiffany R Hodges, Christina H Wright, James Wright, Joshua B Rubin, Michael E Berens, Justin Lathia, James R Connor, Carol Kruchko, Andrew E Sloan, Jill S Barnholtz-Sloan. Neuro-Oncology Practice, Volume 6, Issue 6, 1 December 2019, Pages 451-462 Read More

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Polycystin 2 is increased in disease to protect against stress-induced cell death

Posted on January 29, 2020

Allison L. Brill, Tom T. Fischer, Jennifer M. Walters, Arnaud Marlier, Lorenzo R. Sewanan, Parker C. Wilson, Eric K. Johnson, Gilbert Moeckel, Lloyd G. Cantley, Stuart G. Campbell, Jeanne M. Nerbonne, Hee Jung Chung, Marie E. Robert & Barbara E. Ehrlich . Scientific Reports, Volume 10, Issue 1, 1 December 2020, Article number 386 Read More

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Human and mouse single-nucleus transcriptomics reveal TREM2-dependent and TREM2-independent cellular responses in Alzheimer’s disease

Posted on January 24, 2020

Yingyue Zhou, Wilbur M. Song, Prabhakar S. Andhey, Amanda Swain, Tyler Levy, Kelly R. Miller, Pietro L. Poliani, Manuela Cominelli, Shikha Grover, Susan Gilfillan, Marina Cella, Tyler K. Ulland, Konstantin Zaitsev, Akinori Miyashita, Takeshi Ikeuchi, Makoto Sainouchi, Akiyoshi Kakita, David A. Bennett, Julie A. Schneider, Michael R. Nichols, Sean A. Beausoleil, Jason D. Ulrich, David M. Holtzman, Maxim N. Artyomov & Marco Colonna . Nature Medicine, Volume 26, Issue 1, 1 January 2020, Pages 131-142 Read More

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