Charles Harris, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Molecular effects of the glucocorticoid stress hormones Read More

Lab Phone: (314) 362-3802
Website: Harris Lab
Lab Location: 815 SouthWest Tower
Keywords: glucocorticoids, stress, nuclear receptors, gene expression

Molecular effects of the glucocorticoid stress hormones

Glucocorticoids are stress hormones that cause robust effects on multiple organ systems including adipose, liver, muscle, and the CNS. The goals of the Harris lab are to understand the molecular basis for the actions of glucocorticoid hormones. We have  previously focused on adipose and liver, but are currently interested in CNS effects of glucocorticoids as well including neuronal apoptosis. These studies are performed using a combination of approaches inclusing analysis of genetically modified mice with qualitative defects in glucocorticoid receptor signaling (e.g. dim mice which can form GR monomers, but not dimers) as well as tissue specific KO mice for the glucocorticoid receptor, GR. We also use cell culture and molecular biology techniques including microarray and ChIP-Seq to dissect the basis for GR gene regulation.

Updated January 2014