Joseph Dougherty, PhD

Professor of Genetics

Identification of genes and cell types responsible for neurological disorders in humans Read More

Lab Phone: (314) 286-0752
Website: Dougherty Lab
Lab Location: Couch 6th floor
Keywords: narcolepsy, autism, bacTRAP RNAseq microarray GWAS sequencing mouse models

Perturbations in genes and cell types responsible for brain disorders in humans

Juliet Zhang, Huifen Feng,  Shiaoching Gong, Nathaniel Heintz,  & Joseph D. Dougherty, unpublished data.

Our laboratory utilizes a variety of techniques spanning from human molecular genetics and informatics to mouse behavioral neuroscience and neuroanatomy.  We  develop and employ mouse models of psychiatric disorder, particularly those that mimic genetic variations we’ve identified from human patient populations, with the goal of trying to understand the cellular and molecular underpinnings of these disorders.  We are particularly focused on the neurodevelopmental disorder of autism.




Updated July 2016