Just-in-Time Funding

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The Hope Center now offers Just-in-Time (JIT) funding, designed for investigators who have a new idea and limited discretionary funds to generate pilot data in a short time course.  We will provide up to $5000 towards the use of a core facility at Washington University; this includes Hope Center cores as well as others on the Medical and Danforth Campuses.  Applications for use of a core outside of Washington University will be considered if there is no comparable facility available at WU.

There is no deadline to apply.  Requests for funding will be considered by the Hope Center Steering Committee at its monthly meeting and will be reviewed based on scientific merit, urgency, justification of need, and the project’s potential to further the mission of the Hope Center.

How to apply

Applicants for Just-in-Time Awards must be Hope Center Faculty members.  To apply, please complete the application formThe completed application must be no longer than the single-page form. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

For inquiries, please contact Anneliese Schaefer.

Just-in-Time Award Recipients, Cores

Summer 2011

Robert Heuckeroth, MD, PhD: Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC)

Chris Weihl, MD, PhD: Mouse Genetics Core

Fall 2011

Jungsu Kim, PhD: Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC)

Greg Wu, MD, PhD: Animal Surgery Core

Spring 2012

Valeria Cavalli, PhD: Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC)

Adish Dani, PhD: Laboratory of Electron Microscopy Sciences

Naren Ramanan, PhD: Mouse Genetics Core

Fall 2012

Steven Mennerick, PhD: Metabolomics Core

Fall 2013

Valeria Cavalli, PhD: Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Facility, Danforth Plant Science Center