Cell Biology of the Axon Journal Club

Organizers: Lauren Walker and Valeria Cavalli Read More


Many neurological disorders are centered on axon pathologies.  A better understanding of these disorders requires understanding the fundamental cell biology of the axon.  The new “Hope Center Cell Biology of the Axon Journal Club” is an offshoot of the Axon Injury & Repair Group, and comprises a diverse group of labs with a common interest in axons and myelinating glia.  This journal club’s goal is to foster discussion and collaboration among students, postdocs, and faculty members.  We will discuss recent papers from all aspects of axon and myelinating glia biology, with topics such as axon transport, glia/axon interactions, axon pathfinding and outgrowth, degeneration and regeneration, and local protein synthesis.

Organizers/Contact information

For information about the Cell Biology of the Axon Journal Club, contact the organizers, Lauren Walker or Valeria Cavalli or the administrative coordinator, Jan Konrad.

2013/2014 Schedule, Cell Biology of the Axon Journal Club

Axon Journal Club is normally held on the 3rd Friday of the month from 4p – 5p in Biotech 228
*Please note exceptions to the schedule for this fall

All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.


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