2007/2008 Monday Noon Seminars

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September 24: Jeff Milbrandt (WUSTL Pathology), “Axonal Degeneration: Mitochondria, Energy, and Redox”

October 1: Luis Fernando Santana (University of Washington), “Local Calcium Signaling in Muscle”

October 8: David Pitt (WUSTL Neurology), “What drives axonal loss in multiple sclerosis?”

October 15: Lori Isom (University of Michigan)

October 22: Wenshing Lin (University of Chicago), “Endoplasmic reticulum stress modulates the response of oligodendrocytes to interferon-gamma”

October 29: Sheng-Kwei Viktor Song (WUSTL Radiology), “MRI biomarker of axonal injury: Are we there?”

November 12: Laura Bierut (WUSTL Psychiatry), “Genetics of Nicotine Dependence- Insights from a Candidate Gene and Genome Wide Association Study”

November 19: Estelle Bettelli (Neurology faculty candidate), “Subsets of pathogenic T cells in EAE”

November 26: Brad Racette (WUSTL Neurology), “Exploring the Etiology of Parkinson’s Disease: From Genes to Environment and Back Again”

December 3: Joseph Corbo (WUSTL Pathology), “The transcriptional regulatory networks of mammalian photoreceptors”

December 10: John Constantino (WUSTL Psychiatry), “The Genetics of Autism: A Research Update”

December 17: Andrew Singleton (NIA), “Molecular Genetics of Parkinson’s Disease”

January 14: Clay Semenkovich (WUSTL Internal Medicine), “Lipid-Mediated Stress and Metabolism”

January 28: Timothy Miller (WUSTL Neurology), “Mitochondria and ALS”

February 4: Zhigang He (Harvard), “Extrinsic and Intrinsic Mechanisms of Axon Regeneration”

February 11: Robert Baloh (WUSTL Neurology), “Mitochondrial Dynamics and Peripheral Neuropathy”

February 18: Dan Kelly (WUSTL Internal Medicine), “Control of mitochondrial biogenesis by the PGC-1 transcriptional regulatory cascade”

February 25: Matt Chapman (University of Michigan), “Protein misfolding done right: The biogenesis of bacterial amyloid fibers”

March 3: Chris Lingle (WUSTL Anesthesiology), “The role of auxiliary beta subunits in defining physiological roles of Ca2+ – activated BK channels”

March 10: Jeanne Nerbonne (WUSTL MB&P)

March 17: Larry Eisenman (WUSTL Neurology)

March 24: Philip Schwartzkroin (UC Davis)

March 31: Joseph Henry Steinbach (WUSTL Anesthesiology)

April 28: Paul Kotzbauer (WUSTL Neurology)

May 5: Andrew Dillin (Salk Institute)

May 12: Chris Weihl (WUSTL Neurology)

May 19: Heather True (WUSTL Cell Biology)