2012/2013 Monday Noon Seminars

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Special Developmental Biology Seminar

Co-hosted by the Hope Center

  • October 22**: Kevin Ess (Vanderbilt University)
    **NOTE location: Needleman Library

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Organizer, David Brody

  • November 26: David Brody (WUSTL Neurology), “Traumatic Brain Injury: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and an Introduction to Modern Research Innovations”
  • December 3: Philip Bayly (WUSTL Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science)“Brain Biomechanics in Traumatic Brain Injury”
  • December 10: Ann McKee (Boston University), “The spectrum of disease in chronic traumatic encephalopathy”
  • December 17** – Christine MacDonald (WUSTL Neurology),“Neuroimaging and Pathology following Traumatic Brain Injury from Mouse to Man”
    **NOTE location: Cori Auditorium


Organizer, Tim Miller

  • January 14: Tim Miller (WUSTL Neurology)“Understanding and treating tau-related neurodegenerative diseases”
  • January 28: Marc Diamond (WUSTL Neurology)“Molecular mechanisms and prion properties of tauopathy”
  • February 4: Mel Feany (Harvard University)“Genetic dissection of tauopathy”
  • February 11: David Holtzman (WUSTL Neurology)“Potential role of extracellular tau in development and spread of taupathy: Effects of anti-tau antibodies”

Brain Networks and Disease/Connectome

Organizer, Anneliese Schaefer (co-hosted with the McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience)

  • February 18: Tamara Hershey (WUSTL Psychiatry), “Wolfram Syndrome: Neuroimaging insights into a rare neurodegenerative disorder”
  • February 25: Marc Raichle (WUSTL Radiology), “The Brain’s Default Mode Network and Alzheimer’s Disease”
  • March 4: Maurizio Corbetta (WUSTL Neurology), “Effects of focal lesions on behavior and the functional organization of the brain”
  • March 11: Xavier Castellanos (NYU Langone Medical Center), “Large-Scale Neural Systems in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Not Just Prefrontal-Striatal Circuits”

Neurobiology of Behavior

Organizer, Terrie Inder (co-hosted with the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center)

  • March 25: Joan Luby (WUSTL Psychiatry), “Preschool Depression, Parenting and Brain Development”
  • April 1: Bradley Schlaggar (WUSTL Neurology), “Neural systems for lexical processing”
  • April 8: Nicole Calakos (Duke University), “When Good Habits Go Bad: Insights to the Synaptic and Circuit Mechanisms for Compulsive Behaviors”
  • April 15: Cynthia Rogers (WUSTL Psychiatry), “Premature birth and Altered Brain Development–A pathway to Behavioral Disorders”
  • April 22: Special Seminar (see below)

Axon Degeneration/Regeneration

Organizer, Kelly Monk (co-hosted with the Department of Developmental Biology)

  • April 29: Michael Granato (University of Pennsylvania), “Damage control: injury induced axonal plasticity in zebrafish”
  • May 6: Aaron DiAntonio (WUSTL Developmental Biology), “Walking the Highwire from Synaptic Growth to the Axonal Injury Response”
  • May 13: Valeria Cavalli (WUSTL Anatomy & Neurobiology), “Intrinsic mechanisms controlling the process of axon regeneration”
  • May 20: Susan Mackinnon (WUSTL Surgery), “From Bench-top to Clinic–Innovations of Peripheral Nerve Surgery”

Hope Center Award Winners

  • June 3

Special Seminar

  • April 22: William Dauer (University of Michigan), “Mechanisms of Selective Neuronal Vulnerability in Dystonia”
    Dr. Dauer’s visit is jointly hosted by the Hope Center, the Department of Neurology, and the Department of Cell Biology & Physiology.