2012/2013 Axon Injury & Repair

Organizers: David Brody and Valeria Cavalli Read More

2012/2013 Schedule, Axon Injury & Repair Group

1st Wednesday of the month
12 – 1p
Biotech 228

  • October 3**:
    Valeria Cavalli,
    “The SNARE protein syntaxin13 regulates axon regeneration”
    Dana Watt (Cavalli Lab), “Are Phr1 and Ran coupled to regulate axon growth and branching?”
    **NOTE location: Biotech 129
  • November 7: Christine MacDonald, “Advanced Neuroimaging Techniques for Traumatic Brain Injury”
  • December 5:
    Vera Valakh (DiAntonio Lab),
    “Activation of DLK for the Axonal Regeneration Program”
    Elisabetta Babetto (DiAntonio Lab), “Profound Delay of Axonal Degeneration in Phr1 Mutants”
  • February 6: Kelly Monk Lab
  • March 6: Josiah Gerdts (Milbrandt Lab)
  • April 3: David Brody lab, “Quantitative Assessments of Traumatic Axonal Injury in the Living Human Brain: Combined Microdialysis and Advanced MRI Approaches”
  • May 1: Jeong Sook Kim Han (O’Malley Lab), “Axonal Transport in Dopaminergic Neurons”

All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.