2012/2013 Neurodegeneration

Working group for HPAN
Organizer: Chris Weihl Read More

2012/2013 Schedule, Neurodegeneration Group

2nd Wednesday of the month
8:30a – 9:30a
Farrell 214
***Spring 2013 location: BJC Institute of Health 9AB

  • September 12: No Meeting – All are encouraged to attend the Danforth Scientific Symposium
  • October 10: Shannon Macauley-Rambach (Holtzman Lab), “The link between Alzheimer’s disease, glucose metabolism and diabetes: the effects of hyperglycemia on amyloid-beta levels within the brain’s interstitial fluid”
  • November 14: Justyna Dobrowolska (Bateman Lab), “Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) processing in the human and macaque CNS”
  • December 12: Alison Goate (WUSTL Psychiatry), “Role of rare variants in TREM2 as a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease”
    Marco Colonna (WUSTL Pathology & Immunology), “TREM2 in brain and bone biology”

*The following Spring 2013 meetings will take place in BJC Institute of Health 9AB

  • January  9: Michael Vasek (Klein Lab, WUSTL Internal Medicine), “West Nile virus leaves its mark on the brain: How behavior, pathology, and repair are altered during recovery from West Nile virus encephalitis”
  • February 13: John Cirrito Lab
  • March 13: Jan Bieschke Lab
  • April 10: Yuna Ayala (St. Louis University), “TDP-43 Function and Role in Neurodegeneration”
  • May 8: Anil Cashikar Lab, “Cell biology outside cells”
  • June 12: Matt Crisp (Miller Lab), “Specificity from ubiquity: using stable isotope labeling kinetics to discern tissue-specific differences in SOD1 turnover in an animal model of ALS”

All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.