Musiek Research Projects

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Fixing the Broken Clock: Optogenetic methods to restore circadian rhythms in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease

We are investigating ways to manipulate mouse circadian rhythms using optogenetics, and to attempt to correct circadian dysfunction using this method in mouse models of AD.

Circadian clock dysfunction as a mediator of Neurodegeneration

We are investigating the molecular mechanisms by which circadian clock genes regulate neuronal health and function, and determining how disrupting clock gene function might lead to neurodegeneration.

Clock gene function in brain aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

Circadian dysfunction and sleep disturbance have been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.  Using mouse models, we are investigating the hypothesis that clock genes regulate key molecular pathways related to Alzheimer’s Disease pathogenesis, and examining the circadian clock as a therapeutic target.

Regulation of the Nrf2 antioxidant pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease

The Nrf2 pathway is critical for protecting the brain from oxidative damage.  We are investigating the regulation of this pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease, and evaluating Nrf2-inducing agents are potential therapeutics for AD.