2013/2014 Neurogenetics

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2013/2014 Schedule, Neurogenetics Group

1st Wednesday of the month
8:30 – 9:30a
BJC Institute of Health 9AB conference room

  • September 4: David Alvarado (Dobbs Lab, WUSTL Orthopaedic Surgery), “Multiplexed direct genomic selection (MDiGS) identifies HOXC and TBX4 rare variants and copy number variations in patients with lower limb malformations”
  • October 2: Michael Rieger (Dougherty Lab, WUSTL Genetics), “Mouse vocalization in the context of genes, cells, behaviors, and as an evaluative tool for modeling impairment to social communication”
  • November 6: Joseph Bloom (Goate Lab, WUSTL Psychiatry), “From Genes to Metabolism to Behavior: Biomarkers and the Genetics of Nicotine Addiction”
  • December 4: Beth Kozel (WUSTL Pediatrics)
  • February 5: Manav Kapoor (Goate Lab, WUSTL Psychiatry),“Combining linkage analysis and exome sequencing identifies a novel gene associated with risk of alcohol dependence in extended COGA families”
  • March 5: Liu Lin Thio, Judy Weisenberg (WUSTL Neurology),“Familial concordance of status epilepticus in the EPGP cohort”
  • April 2: Peter Jin (Goate Lab, WUSTL Psychiatry), “Identification of Functional Variants in Alzheimer’s Disease Associated Genes.”
  • May 7: Gabe Haller (Gurnett Lab, WUSTL Neurology), “Rare variants in Collagen genes and Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis”
  • All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.