Lysosome Processing & Transport

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The Lysosome Processing & Transport Group is a group of investigators whose research goals range from basic lysosomal system biology to therapy in model organisms and humans. The focus of this group is to introduce key research developments and current innovative studies in the lysosome field.  Members of this group share an interest in the autophagy/lysosomal pathway (ALP) and its relationship to neurodegenerative disorders, development of novel therapeutic strategies of Lysosome storage diseases and the use of cell and animal models as tools to determine the role of the ALP in the pathogenesis of neurological and cardiovascular diseases.  Group meetings are open to the Washington University community, and those outside also are welcome to present their work and exchange new data and cutting-edge ideas.

Organizers/Contact Information

For additional information about the Lysosome Processing & Transport Group, please contact the faculty organizers Bruno Benitez or Carlos Cruchaga, or our administrative coordinator, Jan Konrad.

2018/2019 Schedule, Lysosome Processing & Transport Group

Monthly/Every other month on the 3rd Thursday
BJC Institute of Health 9AB

  • August 16: Christina Mikulka (Sands Lab, WashU Medicine) “Cell-autonomous expression of the lysosomal hydrolase GALC: A new model of Krabbe disease”
  • October 18: McKenna Feltes (Ory Lab, WashU Medicine) “Post-lysosomal cholesterol trafficking” 
  • November 15: Adriana Montaño (Saint Louis University) “Morquio A: Taking heart disease seriously”
  • December 20: Lin Liu (S. Kornfeld Lab, WashU Medicine)

All meetings are listed on the Office of Neuroscience Research (ONR) Calendar.

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Lysosome Processing & Transport Faculty

Faculty organizers: Bruno Benitez, Carlos Cruchaga

Affiliated faculty

Bruno Benitez (WashU Psychiatry)
Carlos Cruchaga (WashU Psychiatry)
Scott Crick (WashU Neurology)
Abhinav Diwan (WashU Medicine)
Phyllis Hanson (WashU Cell Biology & Physiology)
Timothy Holy (WashU Dept. of Neuroscience)
Celeste Karch (WashU Psychiatry)
Stuart Kornfeld (WashU Medicine)
Jin-Moo Lee (WashU Neurology)
Adriana Montano (St. Louis University)
Daniel Ory (WashU Medicine)
Mark Sands (WashU Medicine)
Gary Silverman (WashU Pediatrics)