Neuroscience Blueprint Core

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Washington University was awarded an NIH Neuroscience Blueprint Interdisciplinary Center Core (P30 NBC) grant (P30 NS057105). WU received one of only four grants awarded in this new program (see program announcement). These funds, $8 million over five years beginning October 2006, supported eight Core facilities for neuroscience research.

“Translational neuroscience” was selected as a theme for Washington University’s proposal. This direction is consistent with our institutional strengths and its prominence in the Biomed 21 initiative, as well as the synergy with the NIH Roadmap vision. This topic is broadly construed, and core resources made possible by this award have been available to all members of the Neuroscience community.

Institutional support for this project is provided by the Washington University School of Medicine, the Hope Center, the McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience and the McDonnell Center for Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. This web location is the entry portal for core facilities in the Neuroscience Blueprint Core (NBC).

The Program Director is Dr. David Holtzman (Neurology) and the Co-Director is Dr. Charles Zorumski (Psychiatry).

When appropriate, please acknowledge the NBC Grant: “This work was supported by NIH Neuroscience Blueprint Interdisciplinary Center Core Grant P30 NS057105 to Washington University.”

For more information regarding core services and access, please contact:

Anneliese Schaefer, JD, PhD
Director, NBC Administrative Core

P30 NBC Cores

Administration (Anneliese Schaefer)

Alafi Neuroimaging (Michael Wong)

Animal Behavior (David Wozniak)

Animal Surgery (Jin-Moo Lee)

Bakewell Neuroimaging (Paul Taghert)

Biomedical Informatics (Rakesh Nagarajan)

Biospecimen and Clinical Data Acquisition (Joel Perlmutter, Mark Watson)

In Vitro Physiology (Chuck Zorumski/Steve Mennerick)

In Vivo Physiology (Kel Yamada)

Proteomics (Reid Townsend)

Sensory Behavior (Rob Gereau)

Viral Vectors (Joy Snider)