2014/2015 Axon Injury & Repair

Organizers: David Brody and Valeria Cavalli Read More


1st Wednesday of the month
1 – 2p
Biotech 228

  • September 3: Kelly Monk (WUSTL Developmental Biology), “Adhesion GPCRs in peripheral nerve development and remyelination”
  • November 5: Dana Watt, Wolfgang Pita-Thomas (Cavalli Lab, WUSTL Anatomy & Neurobiology)
    Dana Watt, “Ran is a putative microtubule organizing protein in the axon”
    Wolfgang Pita-Thomas, “PKCmu/HDAC5 axis in Retinal Ganglion Cell axon regeneration”
  • December 3: Laura Piccio (WUSTL Neurology), “Role of the receptor TREM2 in MS models of demyelination”
  • February 4: David Brody (WUSTL Neurology), “Detection of Axonal Injury with Diffusion MRI: Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Beyond”
  • March 4: Erin Frey (DiAntonio Lab, WUSTL Developmental Biology), “An In Vitro Axon Regeneration Assay to Identify Mechanisms and Potential Therapeutics that Induce a Pro-Regenerative State”
  • April 1 : Matthew Wood, Louis Poppler, and Gwendolyn Hoben (Mackinnon and Wood Labs, WUSTL Surgery), “Cellular Senescence as a Cause of Regenerative Failure in Peripheral Nerve Grafts”
  • May 6: Alison Snyder (WUSTL Surgery), “Terminal Schwann Cells: An Overlooked Component of the NMJ”

All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.