2014/2015 Neurodegeneration Group

Working group for HPAN
Organizer: Chris Weihl Read More

2014/2015 Schedule, Neurodegeneration Group

2nd Wednesday of the month
8:30a – 9:30a
Location BJC Institute of Health 9AB

  • October 8: Babak Razani (WUSTL Internal Medicine), “Protein Aggregation in Atherosclerosis – Alzheimer’s Disease of the Vasculature?”
  • November 12: Abhinav Diwan (WUSTL Internal Medicine), Jin-Moo Lee (WUSTL Neurology), “Flushing APP down the endo-lysosome pathway: effects on APP processing and amyloid plaque pathogenesis”
  • December 10: Fan Liao (Holtzman Lab, WUSTL Neurology), “Effects of anti-apoE antibodies in mouse models of Aβ amyloidosis”
  • January 14: David Razafsky (Hodzic Lab, WUSTL Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences), “A giant KASH-less isoform of Nesprin1 underlies the molecular etiology of Autosomal Recessive Cerebellar Ataxia Type 1 (ARCA1)”
  • February 11: Yuna Ayala (SLU Biochemistry & Molecular Biology), “Regulation of TDP-43 Function via Phosphorylation.”
  • March 11: Courtney Sutphen (Fagan and Holtzman Lab, WUSTL Neurology),“Longitudinal Alzheimer CSF biomarker changes in cognitively normal middle-aged adults”
  • April 8: Mariah Lawler (Miller Lab, WUSTL Neurology), “Motor Neuron miRNA Expression: Implications for Motor Neuron Diseases”
  • May 13: Hiroko Yano (WUSTL Neurosurgery), “Transcriptional and epigenetic dysregulation in Huntington’s disease.”

All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.