2015/2016 Neurogenetics Group

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2015/2016 Schedule, Neurogenetics Group

2nd Tuesday of the month
BJC Institute of Health 9AB

  • June 14: Gabe Haller, David Alvarado (Gurnett Lab, WUSTL Neurology), “High throughput investigation of functional effects of genetic variation using saturation mutagenesis and CRISPR”
  • July 12: Victoria Fernandez (WUSTL Psychiatry), “Identification of novel risk factors for Alzheimer disease using genomics data, the FASe project”
  • August 9: Zeran Li (WUSTL Psychiatry), “Using BlocBuster to Identify Multi-SNP Association Patterns in Alzheimer Disease Cohorts”

All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.