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Hope Center Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Hope Center Fellowship Award program is not currently accepting applications.

The Hope Center Fellowship Award provides supplemental financial support for highly qualified postdoctoral scientists (PhDs and MDs) to obtain advanced research training at Washington University, under the mentorship of Hope Center Faculty Members.

Current Fellows

Martha Bhattacharya, PhD
Project title, “Mechanisms of Axonal Degeneration in Traumatic Injury and Glaucoma”
DiAntonio Lab

Past Fellows

John Kauwe, PhD
Project title, “Indentification of functional alleles that influence cerebrospinal fluid levels of Aβ and risk for Alzheimer’s disease”
Goate Lab

Oriol Nicolas, PhD
Project title, “Role of the membrane anchoring in the neurotoxicity of a familial prion protein mutant”
Harris Lab

Anne Stowe, PhD
Project title, “Ischemic tolerance and endothelial protection following stroke”
Gidday Lab