2017 Hope Center Retreat

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Program, 2017 Retreat

Welcome and Opening Remarks from David Holtzman, MD and Anneliese Schaefer, JD, PhD

Session 1: Neurogenetics & Transcriptomics (Chair: Carlos Cruchaga, PhD (Psychiatry))

  • Kristina Sakers (Dougherty Lab, Genetics)
    “Astrocyte local translation and the role of quaking RNA binding protein in mRNA export and protein stability”
  • Victoria Fernandez, PhD (Cruchaga Lab, Psychiatry)
    “Novel candidate variants in late onset Alzheimer Disease detected by the Familial Alzheimer Sequencing (FASe) Project”

Session 2: Neurovascular Injury & Repair (Chair: Jin-Moo Lee, MD, PhD (Neurology))

  • Hamid Salimi, PhD (Klein Lab, Neuroscience)
    “Encephalitic alphaviruses: neurotropism and mechanisms of CNS entry”
  • Zachary Rosenthal (Lee Lab, Neurology)
    “Recovery of cortical delta band functional connectivity after focal ischemia”

Session 3: Axon Injury & Repair (Chair: Valeria Cavalli, PhD (Neuroscience))

  • Kow Essuman (Milbrandt Lab, Genetics)
    “Identification of the NAD+ consuming enzyme that promotes axonal death during injury and disease”
  • Young Mi Oh, PhD (Cavalli Lab, Neuroscience)
    “miRNA-9 regulates axon regeneration through modulation of the epigenetic factor UHRF1 and the transcriptional regulator REST”

Roderick Corriveau, PhD (NIH/NINDS)

“NINDS Mission, AD/ADRD Research Initiatives, Training and Diversity Career Development”

Hope Center Lecture:  Laura Ranum, PhD (University of Florida)

“Repeat associated non-ATG (RAN) translation: new starts and directions in neurologic disease”

Session 4: Neurodegeneration (Chair: Timothy Miller, MD PhD (Neurology))

  • Yang Shi, PhD (Holtzman Lab, Neurology)
    “Effect of apolipoproteinE on tau pathogenesis and tau-mediated neurodegeneration”
  • Min-Yu Sun, PhD (Mennerick Lab, Psychiatry)
    “A chemogenetic approach reveals synaptic contributions of δ subunit-containing GABAA receptors in dentate granule neurons”

Session 5: Lysosome Processing & Transport and NeuroRestorative Therapy (Chairs: Bruno Benitez, MD and Fumihiko Urano, MD PhD (Medicine))

  • Yedda Li (Mark Sands, Genetics)
    “Combination therapy increase lifespan and improves clinicobehavioral performance in the murine model of globoid cell leukodystrophy”
  • Daniel Abernathy (Andrew Yoo, Developmental Biology)
    “MicroRNA-induced epigenetic remodeling during direct cell-fate conversion of adult human fibroblasts”

Poster session