2018/2019 Neurovascular Injury & Repair Group

Organizers: Andria Ford and Jin-Moo Lee Read More


3rd Wednesday of the month
4p – 5p
BJC Institute of Health 9AB

  • September 19: Andria Ford (WashU Neurology) “In vivo characterization of neurodegeneration and lesion evolution in retinal vasculopathy with cerebral leukoencephalopathy”
  • October 17: Alex Stinson (Miner Lab, WashU Medicine) “The role of Trex1 in retinal vasculopathy with cerebral leukodystrophy”
  • December 19: Laura Heitsch (WashU Medicine)
  • January 16: Eric Landsness (Lee lab, WashU Neurology) “Slow wave sleep and stroke recovery”
  • February 20: Kristin Guilliams (WashU Neurology) “Diffusion tensor imaging in pediatric sickle cell disease”
  • March 20: Terrance Kummer (WashU Neurology) “Rapid quantification of synapses in mammalian neuropil with AirySynapse”
  • April 17: Asher Albertson (Lee lab, WashU Neurology) “Aging is Associated with Unique Local and Global Cortical Network Changes during Recovery after Experimental Stroke”
  • May 15: Peter Kang (Lee lab, WashU Neurology) “Imaging Oxygen Metabolism in Cerebral Small Vessel Disease”

All meetings are listed on the Office of Neuroscience Research (ONR) Calendar.