2019 Hope Center Retreat

April 16, 2019: Danforth Plant Science Center Read More

Program, 2019 Retreat

Welcome and Opening Remarks – David Holtzman, MD and Anneliese Schaefer, JD, PhD

Session 1: Lysosome Processing & Transport Group
Lysosome Chair: Bruno Benitez, MD (Psychiatry)

  • Leah Czerniewski (Lee Lab, Neurology)
    “Tracking the intracellular itinerary of APP and de novo Aβ generation using click chemistry”
  • Andrew Findlay, MD (Weihl Lab, Neurology)
    “Lithium chloride corrects weakness and myopathology in a preclinical model of LGMD1D”

Session 2: Protein Aggregation & Neurodegeneration Group
Neurodegeneration ChairTimothy Miller, MD, PhD (Neurology)

  • Fabia Filipello, PhD (Piccio Lab, Neurology/Karch Lab, Psychiatry)
    “The MS4A gene cluster is a key modulator of soluble TREM2 and Alzheimer disease risk”
  • Rachel French, PhD (Ayala Lab, SLU Biochemistry)
    “TDP-43 oligomers detected as initial intermediate species during aggregate formation“

Session 3: Neurogenetics & Transcriptomics Group
Neurogenetics Chair: Oscar Harari, PhD (Psychiatry)

  • Matthew Lalli, PhD (Mitra/Milbrandt Labs, Genetics)
    “Rapid high-throughput single-cell neurodevelopmental disease modeling”
  • Michael Vasek, PhD (Dougherty Lab, Genetics)
    “Microglia: Local translation and synaptic homeostasis”

Hope Center Lecture – Guoping Feng, PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Dissecting synaptic and circuitry mechanisms of psychiatric disorders”

Hope Center Lecture – Sally Temple, PhD (Neural Stem Cell Institute)
”Neural stem cells in aging and modeling neurodegenerative disease”

Session 4:  Clocks & Sleep Club and NeuroRestorative Therapy Group
Clocks & Sleep ChairYao Chen, PhD (Neuroscience)
NeuroRestorative ChairFumihiko Urano, MD, PhD (Medicine) 

  • Percy Griffin (Musiek Lab, Neurology)
    Circadian regulation of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration by Rev-erbα
  • Sindhu Manivasagam (Klein Lab, Medicine)
    “Investigating type III interferons as a novel therapeutic target during autoimmune neuroinflammation”

Session 5:   Neurovascular Injury & Repair and Axon Injury & Repair Groups
Neurovascular Chair: Jin Moo Lee, MD, PhD (Neurology)
Axon Chair: Valeria Cavalli, PhD  (Neuroscience)

  •  Hailun Li (DiAntonio Lab, Developmental Biology)
    “A novel potassium buffering mechanism for neuroprotection against ischemic stroke
  • Satya Kothapalli, PhD (Yablonskiy Lab, Radiology)
    “In vivo measurements of Alzheimer disease-related neuronal loss in the hippocampal subfields with quantitative Gradient Recalled Echo (qGRE) MRI”

Poster session