2019/2020 Clocks & Sleep Club

Organizers: Erik Herzog, Dmitri Nusinow and Paul Taghert Read More


1st Friday of the month
BJC Institute of Health 9AB (unless otherwise noted)

NOTE: Presenters have 30 minutes for slides and 15 minutes for questions.

  • September 6: Jeffrey Haspel (WashU Medicine)“Circadian signatures in chronic lung disease”, Chi-Chan Lee (Kerschensteiner lab, WashU Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences) “Organization and functions of the intergeniculate leaflet”
  • October 4: Celia McKee (Musiek lab, WashU Dept. of Neurology) “An Update of Circadian Modulation of Protein Degradation”, Dmitri Nusinow (Donald Danforth Plant Science Center) “Protein interactions within the plant circadian clock”
  • October 16*: Boris Kotchoubey (University of Tübingen) “Sleep in disorders of consciousness”
    *NOTE special seminar: 2:00pm in Farrell LTC 304
  • November 1: Geraldine Kress (WashU Neurology) “Circadian Modulation of Hippocampal Function during Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis”, Paul Taghert (WashU Dept. of Neuroscience) “Hub-organized parallel circuits of central circadian pacemaker neurons for visual photoentrainment in Drosophila”
  • December 6: Farshid Guilak (WashU Orthopaedic Surgery) “Designer stem cells for synthetic (chrono)biology: A joint venture”, Chanung Wang (Holtzman lab, WashU Neurology) “‘Identifying interactions between Sleep, APOE genotype, and Neuritic plaque tau pathology”
  • January 10*: Jeff Jones (Herzog lab, WashU Biology) “Circadian circuits underlying daily rhythms in corticosterone release”, Qianli Wang (Colonna lab, WashU Pathology & Immunology) “The roles of REV-ERBα and circadian rhythm in intestinal type 3 innate lymphoid cells”
    *NOTE date
  • January 31*: Thomas Jones, Darrell Moore (East Tennessee State)
    Thomas Jones:
    “To feed or not to feed: chronoecology of aggression in spiders”
    Darrell Moore: “Chronoecology: how the honey bee time memory functions within the ephemeral environment”
    *NOTE special seminar: 3:30 in BJC-IH 9AB
  • February 7: Fang Gao (Chen lab, WashU Anesthesiology) “Neural circuit of contagious itch: an update”, Eric Landsness (Lee lab, WashU Neurology) “Local slow wave sleep and stroke”
  • March 6: Anna Damato (Herzog lab, WashU Biology) “Circadian rhythms in glioblastoma tumors and effects of timed chemotherapy”, Michael Fitzpatrick (Kerschensteiner lab, WashU Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences) “Homeostatic Plasticity in Retinal Illuminance-Detection Circuits”
  • CANCELLED – April 3: Chao Zhou (WashU Biomedical Engineering), Musiek lab (WashU Neurology)
  • POSTPONED – April 10*: Ketema Paul (University of California, Los Angeles)
    *NOTE special seminar: 3:30pm in Holden Auditorium
  • CANCELLED – April 24*: Erin Gibson (Stanford University) “Circadian modulation of oligodendroglial lineage cells and myelination in development and disease”
    *NOTE special seminar: 4:00pm in BJC-IH 9AB
  • CANCELLED – May 1: Holtzman lab (WashU Neurology), Nusinow lab (Donald Danforth Plant Science Center)