2019/2020 Neurogenetics Group

Organizers: Carlos Cruchaga and Christina Gurnett Read More


2nd Tuesday of the month
BJC Institute of Health 9AB

  • September 10: William Buchser (WashU Genetics) “Large Scale Functional Genomics for Neurons and Subtle Phenotypes”
  • October 8: Chengran Yang (Cruchaga lab, WashU Psychiatry) “Multi-tissue proteomic analyses in AD”
  • CANCELED – November 12: Ashley Quiggle (Gurnett lab, WashU Neurology and Haller lab, WashU Neurosurgery)
  • November 26*: Nikolaos Mellios (University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center) “A neuropsychiatric disease-associated circular RNA controls synaptic function and cognition”
    *Special seminar, NOTE day and time
  • December 10: Celeste Karch (WashU Psychiatry)
  • January 14: Oscar Harari (WashU Psychiatry) “Single-nuclei in human brain to develop a molecular and cellular atlas of Neurodegeneration”
  • February 11: Gabriel Haller (WashU Neurosurgery) “Human Genetics of Chiari malformation”
  • March 10: Darshan Sapkota (Dougherty lab, WashU Genetics) “TRAP-RF, a novel neurogenomics tool, identifies atypical protein variants involved in brain function and disease”
  • CANCELLED – April 14: Ken Smith (Climer lab, University of Missouri, St. Louis)
  • CANCELLED – May 12: Victoria Fernandez (Cruchaga lab, WashU Psychiatry) “AD next Gene Sequencing and multi-omics”

All meetings are listed on the Office of Neuroscience Research (ONR) Calendar.