2020/2021 Axon Injury & Repair

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1st Tuesday of the month
Zoom conference

For virtual meeting information email the Hope Center.

  • November 10*: Mayssa Mokalled (WashU Developmental Biology) “Spinal cord injury: From basic mechanisms to regenerative therapies”
    *Note date
  • December 1: Philip Williams (WashU Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences) “The role of activity in retinal ganglion cell survival and axon regeneration”
  • February 2: Matthew Figley (DiAntonio lab, WashU Developmental Biology) “A mechanism of metabolic sensing by SARM1 to trigger axon degeneration”
  • March 2: Valeria Cavalli (WashU Dept. of Neuroscience) “Neuronal, glial and immune mechanisms promoting axon regeneration”
  • May 4: Scheller lab (WashU Medicine)
    • Jennifer Brazill: “A Sarm and a leg: balancing the costs of peripheral complications in diabetic bone disease”
    • David Shin: “TSC2 KO in Nav1.8+ nociceptors dissociates gains in body mass from high fat diet-induced changes in bone and metabolic health”