A model of human neuroprotection

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Principal Investigator: Daniel Kerschensteiner (WashU Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences)
Collaborator: Philip Ruzycki (WashU Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences)


Photoreceptors translate light into neural signals that form the basis of vision. A diverse group of inherited retinal degenerations (IRDs) causes photoreceptor loss and visual impairment, including blindness, in approximately 1:2000 people. The genetic heterogeneity of IRDs makes the development of mutation-specific therapies, with few exceptions, impractical. Here, we will perform a genome-wide search for mutation-agnostic neuroprotective strategies that could benefit many IRD patients. To speed up the translation from animal models to humans, we developed a sequential search strategy combining in vivo experiments in mice and large-scale candidate testing in human retinas.


Pilot project teams include Hope Center faculty members and others. For more about Hope Center faculty on this team, click below.

Daniel Kerschensteiner