Brain injury creates a supportive microenvironment for tumorigenesis

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Principal Investigator: Terrance Kummer (WashU Neurology)
Collaborator: David Gutmann (WashU Neurology)


In addition to cancer cells, brain tumors form in an environment with non-cancerous cells (immune and nerve cells) that are critical for tumor formation. Brain injury may create changes in the brain microenvironment similar to those found in brain tumors, raising the intriguing possibility that brain injury creates a supportive environment for brain tumor formation. Using a mouse model of the Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) brain cancer predisposition syndrome, we propose to determine whether injury can facilitate tumorigenesis. Insights from these studies may provide potential therapeutic opportunities to block tumor growth in children and adults with NF1 unrelated to brain injury, as well as in other tumor predisposition syndromes.


Pilot project teams include Hope Center faculty members and others. For more about Hope Center faculty on this team, click below.

Terrance Kummer

David Gutmann