Patient-Specific Neuroimaging Markers of Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury

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Principal Investigator: Evan Gordon (WashU Radiology)
Collaborators: Nico Dosenbach, Terrance Kummer, Benjamin Kay (WashU Neurology)


Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) can be slow and difficult to predict, and the neural processes underlying such recovery are not well understood. In this proposal, we will use noninvasive neuroimaging techniques to precisely track changes in brain structure and function that happen during recovery from TBI. This tracking will be done separately within individual acute TBI patients, which will help us understand how individuals’ recoveries may vary from each other. Tracking will continue for up to six months in order to characterize the entire recovery timeframe. The knowledge gained from this work will help us understand how and why TBI symptoms resolve when they do, and why recovery can vary so much across individuals. It may thus allow more accurate prognoses of TBI recovery. It will also be critical for developing future personalized, neurologically-based treatments that target dysfunctional brain structures within individual patients.


Pilot project teams include Hope Center faculty members and others. For more about Hope Center faculty on this team, click below.

Evan Gordon

Nico Dosenbach

Terrance Kummer