2011 Hope Center Retreat

February 8, 2011: River Camp, St. Louis Zoo Read More

Program, 2011 Retreat

Alison Goate (Hope Center Director), Opening Remarks

Axon Injury & Repair (moderator: Valeria Cavalli)
• Martha Bhattacharya (DiAntonio Lab, Dept of Developmental Biology), “An In Vivo Neuronal RNAi Screen Identifies Molecules Controlling Axon Degeneration”

• Adam Bero (Holtzman Lab, Dept of Neurology), “Evidence that neuronal activity regulates the regional vulnerability to amyloid-β deposition”

• Kelly Monk (Assistant Professor, Dept of Developmental Biology), “A forward genetic screen in zebrafish uncovers new regulators of myelination”

Neurodegeneration (moderator: Alison Goate)
• Jennifer Dulle (True Lab, Dept of Cell Biology & Physiology), “Endogenous amyloids”: Kinetics, structures, modifiers and phenotypes”

• Kanchan Garai (Frieden Lab, Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics), “How the self-association behavior of lipid-free apoE determines the isoform specificity of physiological properties”

• Adish Dani (Assistant Professor, Dept of Pathology & Immunology), “Beyond the diffraction barrier: resolving synapse molecular architecture and function”

Break:  Hope Center Cores
*Alafi Neuroimaging*    *Animal Surgery*    *Transgenic Vectors*    *Viral Vectors*

Neurogenetics (moderator: Christina Gurnett)
• Celeste Karch (Goate Lab, Dept of Psychiatry), “Functional effects of genetic variants associated with tauopathies: modeling changes in CSF tau”

• Joseph Corbo (Assistant Professor, Dept of Pathology & Immunology), “Cis-regulatory mapping: a new approach to finding retinal disease genes”

• Joseph Dougherty (Assistant Professor, Dept of Genetics), “Deconstructing cellular complexity for disorders of the nervous system”

Therapeutics & Diagnostics (moderator: Marc Diamond)
• Philip Verghese (Holtzman Lab, Dept of Neurology), “CytNmat1 protects against neonatal hypoxia-ischemia induced CNS injury by inhibiting excitotoxic but not caspase-dependent cell death in mice”

• Rodrigo Fuentealba (Weihl Lab, Dept of Neurology), “Protein aggregate inhibition – Novel insights via High Throughput Screening technology”

• Timothy Miller (Assistant Professor, Dept of Neurology), “Gene Downregulation as a Therapy for Neurodegenerative Disease”