Steering Committee

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The Hope Center Steering Committee is comprised of Hope Center faculty who provide advice and guidance on operations of the Center including funding, core facilities and research programs.  Below are the current Steering Committee members.

  • diamond_marc

    Marc Diamond, MD

    David Clayson Professor of Neurology

    Therapeutic Mechanisms in Human Disease: Polyglutamine Disease Pathogensis and Protein Misfolding in Tauopathy Read More

  • goate_alison

    Alison Goate, DPhil

    Samuel & Mae S Ludwig Professor of Genetics in Psychiatry

    Genetic and genomic approaches to uncovering susceptibility to neurological and psychiatric diseases Read More

  • hanson_phyllis

    Phyllis Hanson, MD, PhD

    Professor of Cell Biology & Physiology

    Protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions in neuronal membrane trafficking Read More

  • holtzman_david

    David Holtzman, MD

    Andrew B & Gretchen P Jones Professor of Neurology

    Cellular/Molecular/Biomarker studies of Alzheimer’s Disease and neonatal brain injury Read More

  • johnson_gene

    Eugene Johnson, PhD

    Professor of Neurology

    Biological function and pharmacological potential of GFL neurotrophic factors Read More

  • milbrandt_jeff

    Jeffrey Milbrandt, MD, PhD

    James S McDonnell Professor of Genetics

    Axonal degeneration, regulation of myelination, neuronal energetics and mitochondrial function in neuropathy and neurodegenerative disease Read More

  • o'malley_karen

    Karen O’Malley, PhD

    Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology

    Mechanisms underlying the specification, regulation and neurodegeneration of dopaminergic and glutamatergic systems Read More

  • schaefer_anneliese

    Anneliese Schaefer, JD, PhD

    Associate Professor of Neurology

    Hope Center Executive Director Read More