Steering Committee

Providing advice and guidance on operations Read More

The Hope Center Steering Committee is comprised of Hope Center faculty who provide advice and guidance on operations of the Center including funding, core facilities and research programs.  Below are the current Steering Committee members.

  • Carlos Cruchaga, PhD

    Barbara Burton and Reuben M. Morriss III Professor of Psychiatry

    Genetic and multi-omic approaches to identify novel variants, genes and pathways implicated on neurodegeneration, with the ultimate goal of understanding the biology of neurodegenerative diseases Read More

  • Patricia Dickson, MD

    Centennial Professor of Pediatrics

    Pathogenesis and therapy development for central nervous system disease due to mucopolysaccharidosis Read More

  • Christina Gurnett, MD, PhD

    A Ernest & Jane G Stein Professor of Developmental Neurology

    Genetic basis of epilepsy Read More

  • David Holtzman, MD

    Barbara Burton and Reuben M. Morriss III Distinguished Professor of Neurology

    Cellular/Molecular/Biomarker studies of Alzheimer’s Disease and neonatal brain injury Read More

  • Jeffrey Milbrandt, MD, PhD

    James S McDonnell Professor of Genetics

    Axonal degeneration, regulation of myelination, neuronal energetics and mitochondrial function in neuropathy and neurodegenerative disease Read More

  • Anneliese Schaefer, JD, PhD

    Professor of Neurology

    Hope Center Executive Director Read More

  • Conrad (Chris) Weihl, MD, PhD

    Professor of Neurology

    Protein degradation pathways and their relation to aging, muscle weakness and neurodegeneration Read More