Bio 5663: 2010 Schedule

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January 14, 2010

Course Introduction, Assignment of Student Presentations

January 21, 2010

Marc Diamond, MD: Propagation of protein misfolding in neurodegenerative diseases
Student Presenter(s): Eric Feczko, Dylan McCreedy

January 28, 2010

Christina Gurnett, MD/PhD: FEVER and epilepsy, a HOT topic
Student Presenter(s): Nithya Jesuraj, Andrea Lui

February 4, 2010

Robert Baloh, MD: Neurobiology of peripheral nerve disease
Student Presenter(s): Julius Kim, Rachel Smith

February 11, 2010

John Constantino, MD: Neurobiology of autism
Student Presenter(s): Nithya Jesuraj, Mohammad Maktabi

February 18, 2010

Susan Culican, MD/PhD: Critical periods in clinical medicine: visual system development and amblyopia
Student Presenter(s): Dylan McCreedy, Cunguo Wang

February 25, 2010

Charles Zorumski, MD: Psychiatry and brain networks: A view from the hippocampus
Student Presenter(s): Xiaolu Xu, Lixia Jia

March 4, 2010

Bradley Schlaggar, MD/PhD: Tourette Syndrome
Student Presenter(s): Donell Carey, Marie McNeely

March 11, 2010

University Spring Break

March 18, 2010

Christina Lessov-Schlaggar, PhD & Michele Pergadia, PhD: Nicotine Dependence and its Treatment
Student Presenter(s): Jodi Heaps, Xi Lu

March 25, 2010

Jonathan Mink, MD/PhD: Dystonia – Clinical Features and Pathophysiology
Student Presenter(s): Andrea Lui, Angie Richmond

April 1, 2010

David Brody, MD/PhD: Traumatic Axonal Injury
Student Presenter(s): Jodi Heaps, Yasuko Suzuki

April 8, 2010

No Class – Bishop Lecture

April 15, 2010

Terrie Inder, MD: Perinatal brain injury
Student Presenter(s): Marie McNeely, Xiaolu Xu

April 22, 2010

Gregory Wu, MD/PhD: Multiple Sclerosis: Immune-mediated injury of the central nervous system
Student Presenter(s): Donell Carey, Rachel Smith

April 29, 2010

Tim Miller, MD/PhD: Understanding Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Student Presenter(s): Yasuko Suzuki, Xi Lu

May 6, 2010

Alex Evers, MD: Neurobiology of sedation
Student Presenter(s): Eric Feczko, Mohammad Maktabi