In vivo labeled proteomics in human CSF

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Principal Investigator: Randall Bateman (WashU Neurology)
Co-investigators: Donald Elbert (formerly WashU Biomedical Engineering), Alison Goate (formerly WashU Psychiatry)


Dr. Randy Bateman is a new faculty member of the Hope Center. A neurology physician-scientist working in Dr. David Holtzman’s laboratory, Dr. Bateman developed a new method for measuring the production of brain proteins by sensitive measurement from human cerebrospinal fluid. This technique has been used for pioneering studies of Alzheimer’s Disease and now offers potential for use in early diagnosis and treatment of a range of important neurological conditions.

Grants and Awards

FACS study was awarded a supplemental grant from Specific Aim 1


Elbert DL, Mawuenyega KG, Scott EA, Wildsmith KR, Bateman RJ. Stable isotope labeling tandem mass spectrometry (SILT): integration with peptide identification and extension to data-dependent scans. J Proteome Res (2008).

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