Symposium on Translational Neuroscience

Tuesday April 10, 2012, Connor Auditorium (Farrell Learning & Teaching Center) Read More

6th Annual Symposium on Translational Neuroscience

The Annual Symposium on Translational Neuroscience, jointly hosted by the Hope Center, the Department of Neurology, and the Department of Neurosurgery, is an opportunity for the Washington University community to hear scientific talks from international leaders and showcase translational research at Washington University. Each Symposium features the George H. Bishop and Hope Center Lectures, and announcement of the O’Leary Prize and Hope Center Award winners.

Program: 2012 Annual Symposium

1:30 p.m.     Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Anneliese M. Schaefer, J.D., Ph.D.
Director, Office of Neuroscience Research
Executive Director, Hope Center for Neurological Disorders
Research Assistant Professor in Neurology

1:35 p.m.     58th Annual George H. Bishop Lecture

Helen S. Mayberg, M.D.
Professor, Psychiatry, Neurology and Radiology
Dorothy C. Fuqua Chair in Psychiatric Neuroimaging and Therapeutics
Emory University School of Medicine

“Rethinking Depression and its Treatment:
Insights from Studies of  Deep Brain Stimulation”

Speaker Introduction – David M. Holtzman, M.D.
Andrew B. and Gretchen P. Jones Professor and Chairman of Neurology

2:40 p.m.     Presentation of James L. O’Leary prizes for Research in Neuroscience

Bradley L. Schlaggar, M.D., Ph.D.
A. Ernest and Jane G. Stein Associate Professor of Developmental Neurology

Travis Hage
Salkoff Lab, WUSTL Anatomy & Neurobiology

Steven Nelson, Ph.D.

MacDermott Lab, WUSTL Psychology

2:45 p.m.     Short talk, Hope Center Award Winner

Josiah Gerdts (Milbrandt Lab, WUSTL Genetics)

“High-throughput screening identifies novel genes required for
Wallerian Degeneration in primary mouse neurons”

3:10 p.m.     Break

3:25 p.m.     Short talk, Hope Center Award Winner

Brandon Holmes (Diamond Lab, WUSTL Neurology)

“Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans Constitute a Major Pathway for
Pathogenic Tau Seed Internalization”

3:50 p.m.    6th Annual Hope Center Lecture

David Julius, Ph.D.
Professor of Physiology
Morris Herzstein Chair in Molecular Biology & Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

“From peppers to pit vipers: the molecular mechanisms of thermosensation and pain”

Speaker introduction – Alison M. Goate, D.Phil.
Samuel and Mae S. Ludwig Professor of Genetics  in Psychiatry
Director, Hope Center for Neurological Disorders

**Note that there will not be a poster session at this year’s Symposium (the poster session was shifted to the annual Hope Center Retreat, held in March 2012).

Previous Symposia: Named Lectures


Bishop Lecturer: Helen Mayberg (Emory University)
Hope Center Lecturer: David Julius (University of California, San Francisco)


Bishop Lecturer: Tom Sudhof (Stanford University)
Hope Center Lecturer: Jeffery Kelly (The Scripps Research Institute)


Bishop Lecturer: Joshua Sanes (Harvard University)
Hope Center Lecturer: Harry Orr (University of Minnesota)


Bishop Lecturer: Mitch Berger (University of California, San Francisco)
Hope Center Lecturer: Marc Tessier-Lavigne (Genentech)


Bishop Lecturer: Steve Hauser (University of California, San Francisco)
Hope Center Lecturer: Ben Barres (Stanford University)


Bishop Lecturer: Story Landis (NINDS/NIH)
Hope Center Lecturer: Steve Wagner (TorreyPines Therapeutics)

For questions or additional information, contact Anneliese Schaefer.


2012 Keynote Speakers

George H Bishop Lecturer: Helen Mayberg
(Emory University)

Hope Center Lecturer:
David Julius
(University of California, San Francisco)

Bishop Lecture

The George H. Bishop lectureship, initiated in 1956, is the oldest named lectureship in basic neuroscience at Washington University.

Bishop Lecture

Hope Center Awards

Acknowledgements to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows whose work best fulfills the mission of the Hope Center.

Hope Center Awards