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Lab and Office Space

Within the BJC Institute of Health, the laboratory space is open plan, allowing greater communication and sharing across labs.  The combined laboratory/work space is 23,440 square feet, including rooms designated for microscopy, tissue culture, histology, robotics, and molecular biology equipment (e.g, DNA sequencers, PCR and RT-PCR machines).  The BJC Institute of Health has wireless internet access in all areas of the building.

Core Facilities

HPAN supports core facilities for the Atomic Force Microscope, accessible through the Alafi Neuroimaging Core (Director, Dr. Michael Wong), and the DNA/RNA Purification Core (Director, Dr. Carlos Cruchaga).  These cores are available to HPAN and other investigators.  Likewise, additional core facilities administered by the Hope Center are available to HPAN as well as outside investigators.  Visit a core below for more information.

Alafi Neuroimaging

Animal Surgery

DNA/RNA Purification

In Vivo Microdialysis

Transgenic Vectors

Viral Vectors

Microelectrode Array (MEA) Device

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