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Seeking lab position

Posted on: November 9, 2015
Posted by: Christina Cranwill

My name is Christina Cranwill. I am a senior at Northwestern State University. I am currently studying psychology with a concentration in substance abuse and addiction studies. I will graduate with my bachelor’s degrees of science in May 2016. I have a passion for learning. I would like to further cultivate my passion for scientific research. I would like to assist in the lab to gain more insight and experience in the field of scientific research of neurobiology. Compensation for the experience as a research assistant would not be necessary, as the opportunity to learn and advance my knowledge would be more than enough.

I am a dedicated hard worker, which as a result, I currently maintain a 3.625 psychology major GPA and a 3.764 addiction studies major GPA at Northwestern State University. I have a passion for research so despite learning through a distance program online I have gained experience. I have previous research experience through classes such as Psychology 4410: Psychology Testing and Measurement, Psychology 4400: Statistics for Psychology, Psychology 3020: Experimental Psychology: Learning. In all of these classes, I earned a letter grade of an “A”. I also have research experience through a volunteer internship at Point Defiance AIDS Project where I assisted in the collection, organization, and entry of research methods conducted.

My current research interests include interventions for comorbid disorders integrating behavioral and drug interventions in substance abuse treatment, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, the prevention and treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and the implications of treatment of individuals who are subject to extreme stress situations, such as prisoners, law enforcement officers, and military, neurobiology specifically behavioral and drug recovery strategies pertaining to neuromuscular and neurobiological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disorder,Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, and PTSD,and the effect of stress hormones on the progression of neurobiological disorders.

I am currently applying for graduate school programs, specifically Doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work side by side as a research assistant, furthering my educational, professional, and personal goals.

Sincerely,Christina Cranwill


Seeking lab position

Posted on: May 26, 2015
Posted by: Arjun Devraj

My name is Arjun Devraj, and I am a dedicated 10th grade student at Marquette High School with a passion for scientific research. I would like to assist in your lab, without compensation, to gain more insight and experience in the field of scientific research as well as have access to a knowledgeable and accomplished mentor.

With my hard work and dedication, I finished this school year with a 4.572 weighted GPA and a 4.0 unweighted GPA: I have attained above a 99% in Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry and plan on taking advanced science courses, such as AP Chemistry and AP Physics, in the upcoming school year. Although this would be my first research experience in a lab under a distinguished university professor, I have some prior experience with other forms of research.  In fact, I was enrolled in the rigorous Advanced Language Arts Research/Presentation (ALAR/P) class, in which students spend the entire year researching (and eventually delivering a thirty minute presentation on) an independent study project of the student’s choice. This past year, my project pertained to genetically modified crops and their biological capabilities; I also wrote a mini-research paper on the topic. In addition, I was one of just fourteen students (out of a pool of nearly 2,000) nominated by the Rockwood School District to attend the Missouri Scholars Academy: the selection process involved GPA, standardized test and IQ scores, as well as a written supplement. I am also the captain of robotics team named the iBots, and we recently won the second place Inspire Award (“overall best” award) at the Missouri State Championship and participated in the North Superregional Championship this past March in order to vie for a spot in the robotics World Championship. Robotics has introduced me to useful engineering skills, especially working with mechanical kinetics, various motors and sensors, electrical wiring, and different tools and machines. Although the season does not begin until September, I have planned several meetings and events for this summer and fall. I am also the president and founder of a math competition club at my school, and we placed fifth at our first regional competition after working on extensive practice problems for numerous hours each week: I spent time tutoring other students, locating and solving practice problems, and planning meetings! After joining Science Olympiad just this year and having competed at the varsity level, I placed 4th (out of 16) in the Chemistry Lab event: I have now been appointed as the club’s treasurer for this upcoming school year. I have attached my resume if you would like further details.

I am fascinated by the prospect of aiding in the discovery of novel scientific technologies and am looking to complete an Intel Science Fair Project to further pursue my interest: the Intel Science and Engineering Fair allows high school students to complete a professional research project to possibly win scholarships for future higher education. I can start working full-time by the end of June and part-time throughout the school year. All in all, I would really appreciate it if you could offer me an opportunity to learn in a more advanced setting!
Arjun Devraj
Arjun’s Resume



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