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Why can’t I get epifluorescence through the eyepieces?


Ensure the following:

  1. the black slider blocking the HBO is pulled out
  2. the silver slider is set to the VIS position
  3. the turret is set to either 3,4, or 5
  4. open the config panel in the AIM software, select non-descanned mode, make sure the filter set closest to the PMT is set to HBO mirror

Error List:
Here is a list of known errors generated by the AIM software and how to handle them:

  • AUV timeout
    • updated: 10-8-2003
    • AIM version: 3.2
    1. C:\AIM\Hwt\Canchk.exe
    2. press F1 “Scan Module”
    3. follow “press any key” instructions
    4. check if any lines are hilighted red
    5. if so, press control-r and reset the firmware
    6. press F10 twice and confirm exit the program
  • Object: NLO AOM Driver; no AOTF lines found
    • updated: 10-8-2003
    • AIM version: 3.2

This error is generated when the database file becomes corrupted for a currently unknown reason. It usually calls for a replacement.

  • Object: PH [1, 2, or 3] timeout
    • updated: 3-2-2004
    • AIM version: 3.2
  1. exit the software
  2. turn off the main power switch
  3. wait 20 seconds
  4. turn on main power switch
  5. wait 20 seconds
  6. start software
  • Transmitted light: 5 sec timeout
    • updated: 3-2-2004
    • AIM version: 3.2

    This error only affects acquisition of transmitted light.

Currently, this problem requires a visit from the Zeiss representative, as the current version of dbTool is incompatible with the non-descanned detectors.