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The Neurodegeneration Research Group is the working group for the Hope Center Program on Protein Aggregation & Neurodegeneration (HPAN), the most formalized of the Hope Center Research groups. HPAN’s goal is to develop better ways to diagnose and treat neurodegenerative diseases through an understanding of the underlying molecular mechanisms that lead to protein aggregation and disease. Group meetings are in two different formats, a lab meeting and a PI chalk talk (PIs only), and are open to investigators in the Washington University community.

All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.

Organizer/Contact Information

For additional information about Neurodegeneration Group Meetings, please contact the organizer Chris Weihl or the administrative coordinator, Jan Konrad.

2017/2018 Schedule, Neurodegeneration Group

2nd Wednesday of the month
8:30a – 9:30a
BJC Institute of Health 9AB

  • September 13: Mariah Lawler (Miller Lab, WashU Neurology)“Blocking extracellular miRNAs released from dysfunctional motor neurons mitigates astrogliosis and delays non-cell autonomous disease progression in ALS”
  • October 11: Sidhartha Mahali (Karch Lab, WashU Psychiatry), “Stem cell models of autosomal dominant Alzheimer’s disease”
  • November 8: Cheryl Leyns (Holtzman Lab, WashU Neurology), “Investigating the role of TREM2 in Alzheimer’s disease”
  • December 13: Dhruva Dhavale (Kotzbauer Lab, WashU Neurology), “Protein Aggregation and Neurotransmitter Deficits in Parkinson Disease”
  • January 10: Meredith Jackrel (WashU Chemistry), “Re-engineered protein disaggregases to counter protein misfolding implicated in neurodegenerative disease”
  • February 14: Khalid Arhzaouy (Weihl Lab, WashU Neurology), “The role of p97/VCP in lysosomal homeostasis” 
  • March 14: Chihiro Sato, Norelle Wildburger (Bateman Lab, WashU Neurology) Chihiro Sato: “Tau kinetics in Neurons and in the Human CNS”Norelle Wildburger: “Amyloid-β plaques in clinical Alzheimer’s disease brain incorporate stable isotope tracer in vivo and exhibit nanoscale heterogeneity”
  • April 11: Steve Paul (WashU Psychiatry), “Oxysterol Mediators of Microglia : Astrocyte Cross Talk and Neurodegeneration”
  • May 9: Allison Soung (Klein Lab, WashU Medicine) “Trm-derived IFNγ causes microglial-mediated spatial learning defects during recovery from differentially neurotropic flaviviruses”

For previous years’ talks, check out the archive links below.

All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.

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Protein Aggregation & Neurodegeneration Faculty

Group meeting faculty organizer: Chris Weihl

Affiliated faculty

Beau Ances (WashU Neurology)
Yuna Ayala (St. Louis University)
Randall Bateman (WashU Neurology)
Kendall Blumer (WashU Cell Biology & Physiology)
David Brody (WashU Neurology)
Nigel Cairns (WashU Neurology)
Anil Cashikar (WashU Psychiatry)
Zhou-Feng Chen (WashU Anesthesiology)
John Cirrito (WashU Neurology)
Marco Colonna (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Carlos Cruchaga (WashU Psychiatry)
Adish Dani (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Marc Diamond (WashU Neurology)
Abhinav Diwan (WashU Medicine)
Anne Fagan (WashU Neurology)
Carl Frieden (WashU Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics)
Jeff Gidday (WashU Neurosurgery)
Dennis Hallahan (WashU Radiation Oncology)
Phyllis Hanson (WashU Cell Biology & Physiology)
Tamara Hershey (WashU Psychiatry)
Didier Hodzic (WashU Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences)
David Holtzman (WashU Neurology)
Meredith Jackrel (WashU Chemistry)
Sanjay Jain (WashU Medicine)
Celeste Karch (WashU Psychiatry)
Paul Kotzbauer (WashU Neurology)
Jin-Moo Lee (WashU Neurology)
Mingjie Li (WashU Neurology)
David Limbrick (WashU Neurosurgery)
Brendan Lucey (WashU Neurology)
Moe Mahjoub (WashU Medicine)
Soe Soe Mar (WashU Neurology)
Steve Mennerick (WashU Psychiatry)
Tim Miller (WashU Neurology)
Liviu Mirica (WashU Chemistry)
John Morris (WashU Neurology)
Erik Musiek (WashU Neurology)
David Ornitz (WashU Developmental Biology)
Dan Ory (WashU Medicine)
Rohit Pappu (WashU Biomedical Engineering)
Steven Paul (WashU Psychiatry)
David Perlmutter (WashU Pediatrics)
Joel Perlmutter (WashU Neurology)
Richard Perrin (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Alan Pestronk (WashU Neurology)
Steve Petersen (WashU Neurology)
Marc Raichle (WashU Radiology)
Mark Sands (WashU Medicine)
Robert Schmidt (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Itender Singh (WashU Neurosurgery)
Joy Snider (WashU Neurology)
Heather True (WashU Cell Biology & Physiology)
Fumihiko Urano (WashU Medicine)
Andrei Vlassenko (WashU Radiology)
Yong Wang (WashU Radiology)
Chris Weihl (WashU Neurology)
David Wozniak (WashU Psychiatry)
Qin Yang (WashU Radiation Oncology)
Hiroko Yano (WashU Neurosurgery)
Andrew Yoo (WashU Developmental Biology)
Greg Zipfel (WashU Neurosurgery)