2012 Hope Center Retreat

March 13, 2012: Danforth Plant Science Center Read More

Program, 2012 Retreat

8:00a.m.               Shuttle pick-up at WUSM

8:30a.m.               Continental Breakfast, Lower Atrium

9:00a.m.               Alison Goate, Opening Remarks
Session 1
Axon Injury & Repair

  • Jung Eun Shin (DiAntonio Lab, Developmental Biology)
    “Dual leucine zipper kinase is required for injury-induced axon regeneration”
  • Bogdan Beirowski (Milbrandt Lab, Genetics)
    “Modeling chronic axon loss by disruption of Schwann cell metabolic
  • Michael Vasek (Klein Lab, Internal Medicine)
    “CNS West Nile virus infection impairs adult neurogenesis and spatial memory in a murine recovery model”
  • Michael Bruchas (Anesthesiology)
    “Biased signaling at Opioid GPCRs controls differential stress-induced behavioral responses”

10:15a.m.            Break

10:25a.m.            Session 2
Neurovascular Injury & Repair

  • Adam Bauer (Culver Lab, Radiology)
    “Optical imaging of functional connectivity deficits in mouse models of ischemic stroke”
  • Ananth Vellimana (Zipfel Lab, Neurosurgery)
    “MMP-9: A New  Player in Cerebral Vasospasm Pathophysiology”
  • Rajarshi Sengupta (Rubin Lab, Pediatrics)
    “GBM stem cell nice disrupting agents identified through novel high throughput compound library screen”

11:10a.m.            Update on Resources: DNA purification, ZFNs, and on-line registry

12:00p.m.            Lunch and Tours

1:30p.m.              Session 3

  • Laura Westerguard (True Lab, Cell Biology & Physiology)
    “External cellular environment mediates amyloid strain formation in yeast”
  • Najla Kfoury (Diamond Lab, Neurology)
    “Trans-cellular Propagation of Tau Aggregation by Fibrillar Species”
  • Jacob Basak (Holtzman Lab, Neurology)
    “Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor Represents an Apolipoprotein E-Independent Pathway of Aβ Uptake and Degradation by Astrocytes”
  • Christine Wroge (Mennerick Lab, Psychiatry)
    “Synaptic NMDA Receptors Mediate Hypoxic Excitotoxic Death”
  • Andrew Yoo (Developmental Biology)
    “Generation of Human Neurons by MicroRNA-Mediated Conversion of Fibroblasts”

2:45p.m.              Break and poster set-up

3:15p.m.              Session 4

  • Matt Harms (Neurology)
    “Mutations in DNAJB6 cause limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 1D”
  • Bruno Benitez (Cruchaga Lab, Psychiatry)
    “CSPα, a synaptic protein, is mutated in adult neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis”
  • Josiah Gerdts (Milbrandt Lab, Genetics)
    “High-throughput screening identifies novel genes required for Wallerian Degeneration in primary mouse neurons”
  • Albert Kim (Neurosurgery)
    “The anaphase-promoting complex in brain development”

4:20p.m.              Poster session & Reception, Upper Atrium

6:15p.m.              Shuttle departs for WUSM