PI Chalk Talks

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The PI Chalk Talks are an opportunity for lab heads to share ideas and plans with the goal of generating constructive discussion among peers and mentors.  Originally offered for the Neurodegeneration/HPAN group, the PI Chalk Talks now are open to faculty in all research groups to create greater access to this highly successful forum for discussion of grant proposals and research programs.  Group meetings are open to faculty in the Washington University community, and faculty outside the Hope Center are welcome to present.

Organizer/Contact Information

For additional information about the PI Chalk Talks, please contact the organizer Chris Weihl or the administrative coordinator, Jan Konrad.

Instructions for Presenters

Tips for a successful Chalk Talk

  1. It is a real chalk talk. No slides.
  2. Think of a question that you need help with and begin the talk by writing this question or a set of specific aims/goals on the board so as to guide the audience and frame the conversation.
  3. This is not a talk to educate the audience about your research but instead for the audience to educate you with advice etc.
  4. If there are specific faculty that you would like invited–Please invite them. Send them a personal email asking for their attendance. This is a great opportunity to pick the brains of your colleagues.

2015/2016 Schedule, PI Chalk Talk

4th Wednesday of the month
8:30a – 9:30a
Biotech 129

  • September 23: Chris Weihl (WUSTL Neurology)
  • October 28: Milan Chheda (WUSTL Medicine)
  • November 25: Chihiro Sato (WUSTL Neurology)
  • December 23
  • January 27: Shannon Macauley-Rambach (WUSTL Neurology)
  • **February 24 March 2: Tim Miller (WUSTL Neurology)
  • March 23: Liviu Mirica (WUSTL Chemistry), “How can novel chemical agents help with Alzheimer’s research?”
  • April 27: Rafael Galindo (WUSTL Neurology)
  • CANCELLED: May 25 

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All meetings are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.


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