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Andrei Vlassenko

Women’s brains appear three years younger than men’s

Posted on February 4, 2019

May explain why women more likely to stay mentally sharp in later years Read More

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Utility of perfusion PET measures to assess neuronal injury in Alzheimer’s disease

Posted on November 12, 2018

Nelly Joseph-Mathurin, Yi Su, Tyler M. Blazey, Mateusz Jasielec, Andrei Vlassenko, Karl Friedrichsen, Brian A. Gordon, Russ C. Hornbeck, Lisa Cash, Beau M. Ances, Thomas Veale, David M. Cash, Adam M. Brickman, Virginia Buckles, Nigel J. Cairns, Carlos Cruchaga, Alison Goate, Clifford R. Jack, Celeste Karch, William Klunk, Robert A. Koeppe, Daniel S. Marcus, Richard Mayeux, Eric McDade, James M. Noble, John Ringman, Andrew J. Saykin, Paul M. Thompson, Chengjie Xiong, John C. Morris, Randall J. Bateman and Tammie L.S. Benzinger. Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment and Disease Monitoring, Volume 10, 1 January 2018, Pages 669-677 Read More

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A systematic meta-analysis of oxygen-toglucose and oxygen-to-carbohydrate ratios in the resting human brain

Posted on October 9, 2018

Tyler Blazey, Abraham Z. Snyder, Manu S. Goyal, Andrei G. Vlassenko, Marcus E. Raichle. PLoS ONE, Volume 13, Issue 9, September 2018, Article number e0204242 Read More

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In vivo detection of microstructural correlates of brain pathology in preclinical and early Alzheimer Disease with magnetic resonance imaging

Posted on October 1, 2018

Yue Zhao, Marcus E. Raichle, Jie Wen, Tammie L. Benzinger, Anne M. Fagan, Jason Hassenstab, Andrei G. Vlassenko, Jie Luo, Nigel J. Cairns, Jon J. Christensen, John C. Morris, Dmitriy A. Yablonskiy. NeuroImage Volume 148, 1 March 2017, Pages 296-304
Read More

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Utilizing the Centiloid scale in cross-sectional and longitudinal PiB PET studies

Posted on May 22, 2018

Yi Su, Shaney Flores, Russ C. Hornbeck, Benjamin Speidel, Andrei G. Vlassenko, Brian A. Gordon, Robert A. Koeppe, William E. Klunk, Chengjie Xiong, John C.Morris, Tammie L.S. Benzinger. NeuroImage: Clinical, Volume 19, 2018, Pages 406-416 Read More

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