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Daniela Salvemini

The Neurotoxin DSP-4 Induces Hyperalgesia in Rats that is Accompanied by Spinal Oxidative Stress and Cytokine Production

Posted on March 12, 2018

Jillienne C. Touchette, Joshua W. Little, Gerald H. Wilken, Daniela Salvemini, Heather Macarthur. Neuroscience, Volume 376, 15 April 2018, Pages 13-23 Read More

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Targeting the S1P/S1PR1 axis mitigates cancer-induced bone pain and neuroinflammation

Posted on September 11, 2017

Shaness A. Grenald; Timothy M. Doyle; Hong Zhang; Lauren M. Slosky; Zhoumou Chen; Tally M. Largent-Milnes; Sarah Spiegel; Todd W. Vanderah; Daniela Salvemini: 2017 Pain, Volume 158, Issue 9, Pages 1733-1742 Read More

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