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Erik Herzog

A Wash U Professor Explains Why Daylight Saving Time Is Bad For Us

Posted on October 29, 2020

From St. Louis Public Radio/NPR… This weekend, weary Halloween revelers across the U.S. will dutifully set their clocks to “fall back” — signaling the end of daylight saving time for 2020. The annual ritual may give some people an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night, but for others, including parents of young children and shift workers, it’s an annoying complication that takes days of adjustment. And is it really necessary? A growing body of … Read More

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The Clock Inside

Posted on December 20, 2019

From NPR’s Science Friday… We have many ways of marking the passage of time. Saturday’s Winter Solstice, which marks not just the arbitrary beginning of a season, but also the slow return of daylight to the Northern hemisphere. Or the coming decade, as many reflect back on everything that’s happened since 2010, and prepare to mark the beginning of 2020—a completely human invention. And of course, the clock on the wall and on our smartphones … Read More Read More

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Erik Herzog named Viktor Hamburger Professor of Biology

Posted on December 6, 2019

From WashU Biology News… Erik Herzog is a chronobiologist at Washington University, studying the molecules, cells and circuits that underlie daily rhythms in physiology and behavior. He was recently named the Viktor Hamburger Professor of Biology. Viktor Hamburger was one of the most influential neuro-embryologists of the twentieth century, beginning his research at Wash U in 1935. “I am deeply honored by this recognition. Viktor Hamburger is a hero to so many of us at Washington University … Read More Read More

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Pregnancy Induces an Earlier Chronotype in Both Mice and Women

Posted on May 1, 2019

Carmel A. Martin-Fairey, Peinan Zhao, Leping Wan, Till Roenneberg, Justin Fay, Xiaofeng Ma, Ronald McCarthy, Emily S. Jungheim, Sarah K. England, Erik D. Herzog. Journal of Biological Rhythms 2019 Apr 24:748730419844650 Read More

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How Daylight Saving Time Changes More Than Clocks

Posted on November 6, 2018

From WBUR (Boston) & NPR… Most of the country switched their clocks back an hour over the weekend, ending daylight saving time. And even though one hour might not sound like a lot, it has a noticeable impact. “In the long term, this one hour cumulatively can really have effects on our health,” says Erik Herzog, professor of biology and neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis. Herzog, who’s in favor of avoiding daylight saving time and … Read More Read More

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