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Joel Perlmutter

Selective D2 receptor PET in manganese-exposed workers

Posted on January 7, 2019

Susan R. Criswell, Mark N. Warden, Susan Searles Nielsen, Joel S. Perlmutter, Stephen M. Moerlein, Lianne Sheppard, Jason Lenox-Krug, Harvey Checkoway, Brad A. Racette. Neurology, Volume 91, Issue 11, 11 September 2018, Pages e1022-e1030 Read More

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Exercise and Parkinson Disease: Comparing Tango, Treadmill, and Stretching

Posted on December 28, 2018

Kerri S. Rawson; Marie E. McNeely; Ryan P. Duncan; Kristen A. Pickett; Joel S. Perlmutter; Gammon M. Earhart. Journal of neurologic physical therapy : JNPT, Volume 43, Issue 1, 1 January 2019, Pages 26-32 Read More

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Syntheses and: In vitro biological evaluation of S1PR1 ligands and PET studies of four F-18 labeled radiotracers in the brain of nonhuman primates

Posted on December 17, 2018

Zonghua Luo, Junbin Han, Hui Liu, Adam J. Rosenberg, Delphine L. Chen, Robert J. Gropler, Joel S. Perlmutter and Zhude Tu. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, Volume 16, Issue 47, 2018, Pages 9171-9184 Read More

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Thalamic and ventricular volumes predict motor response to deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease

Posted on December 14, 2018

John R. Younce, Meghan C. Campbell, Joel S. Perlmutter, Scott A.Norris. Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 2018 Read More

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Predictors of alcohol responsiveness in dystonia

Posted on November 30, 2018

Johanna Junker, Valerie Brandt, Brian D. Berman, Marie Vidailhet, Emmanuel Roze, Anne Weissbach, Cynthia Comella, Irene A. Malaty, Joseph Jankovic, Mark S. LeDoux, Alfredo Berardelli, Richard Barbano, Stephen G. Reich, Joel S. Perlmutter, H.A. Jinnah, Norbert Brüggemann. Neurology, Volume 91, Issue 21, 20 November 2018, Pages e2020-e2026 Read More

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