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David Holtzman

Circadian clock proteins regulate neuronal redox homeostasis and neurodegeneration

Posted on February 7, 2014

Musiek E, Lim M, Yang G, Bauer A, Qi L, Lee Y, Roh JH, Ortiz-Gonzalez X, Dearborn J, Culver J, Herzog E, Hogenesch J, Wozniak D, Dikranian K, Giasson B, Weaver D, Holtzman D, FitzGerald G; (2013) Journal of Clinical Investigation, 123(12): 5389-5400 Read More

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Attenuating astrocyte activation accelerates plaque pathogenesis and neurotoxicity in APP/PS1 mice

Posted on January 30, 2014

Kraft, A. W., Hu, X., Yoon, H., Yan, P., Xiao, Q., Wang, Y., Gil, S. C., Brown, J., Wilhelmsson, U., Restivo, J. L., Cirrito, J. R., Holtzman, D. M., Kim, J., Pekny, M., Lee, J.-M.; FASEB J, 27(1): 187-98 2012 Read More

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