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Erik Herzog

Circadian rhythms: To sync or not to sync

Posted on May 21, 2015

Mazuski C, Herzog ED; 2015 Current Biology, 25(8), art number 11839, ppR337-R339 Read More

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Circadian clock proteins regulate neuronal redox homeostasis and neurodegeneration

Posted on February 7, 2014

Musiek E, Lim M, Yang G, Bauer A, Qi L, Lee Y, Roh JH, Ortiz-Gonzalez X, Dearborn J, Culver J, Herzog E, Hogenesch J, Wozniak D, Dikranian K, Giasson B, Weaver D, Holtzman D, FitzGerald G; (2013) Journal of Clinical Investigation, 123(12): 5389-5400 Read More

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A neuropeptide speeds circadian entrainment by reducing intercellular synchrony

Posted on December 16, 2013

An S, Harang R, Meeker K, Granados-Fuentes D, Tsai CA, Mazuski C, Kim J, Doyle III FJ, Petzold LR, Herzog ED; (2013) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110 (46), pp. E4355-E4361 Read More

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VIP treatment for jet lag

Posted on October 29, 2013

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