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Hans Dietrich

Erythrocytes: oxygen sensors and modulators of vascular tone

Posted on October 7, 2009

Ellsworth ML, Ellis CG, Goldman D, Stephenson AH, Dietrich HH, Sprague RS (2009). Physiology (Bethesda), 24:107-16. PMID:19364913 Read More

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Cerebrovascular dysfunction in amyloid precursor protein transgenic mice: contribution of soluble and insoluble amyloid-beta peptide, partial restoration via gamma-secretase inhibition

Posted on October 7, 2008

Han BH, Zhou ML, Abousaleh F, Brendza RP, Dietrich HH, Koenigsknecht-Talboo J, Cirrito JR, Milner E, Holtzman DM, Zipfel GJ (2008). J Neurosci, 28(50):13542-50. PMID:19074028 Read More

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