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Mingjie Li

Stable expression of shRNAs in human CD34+ progenitor cells can avoid induction of interferon responses to siRNAs in vitro

Posted on October 13, 2006

Robbins MA, Li M, Leung I, Li H, Boyer DV, Song Y, Behlke MA, Rossi JJ (2006). Nat Biotechnol, 24(5):566-71. PMID:16648841 Read More

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Long-term inhibition of HIV-1 infection in primary hematopoietic cells by lentiviral vector delivery of a triple combination of anti-HIV shRNA, anti-CCR5 ribozyme, and a nucleolar-localizing TAR decoy

Posted on October 13, 2005

Li MJ, Kim J, Li S, Zaia J, Yee JK, Anderson J, Akkina R, Rossi JJ (2005). Mol Ther, 12:900-909. PMID:16115802 Read More

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