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Nico Dosenbach

Default-mode network streams for coupling to language and control systems

Posted on July 10, 2020

Evan M Gordon, Timothy O Laumann, Scott Marek, Ryan V Raut, Caterina Gratton, Dillan J Newbold, Deanna J Greene, Rebecca S Coalson, Abraham Z Snyder, Bradley L Schlaggar, Steven E Petersen, Nico U F Dosenbach, Steven M Nelson. PNAS July 21, 2020 117 (29) 17308-17319 Read More

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Previously undetected brain pulses may help circuits survive disuse, injury

Posted on June 16, 2020

Research may lead to treatment advances for patients with immobilizing illness, injury Read More

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Removal of high frequency contamination from motion estimates in single-band fMRI saves data without biasing functional connectivity

Posted on June 2, 2020

Caterina Gratton, […], Nico U.F. Dosenbach, Abraham Z. SnyderJoel S. Perlmutter, Steven E. Petersen, Meghan C. Campbell. NeuroImage, Volume 217, 15 August 2020, Article number 116866 Read More

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Electrically coupled inhibitory interneurons constrain long-range connectivity of cortical networks

Posted on April 24, 2020

Andrew W. Kraft, Anish Mitra, Zachary P. Rosenthal, Nico U.F. Dosenbach, Adam Q. Bauer, Abraham Z. Snyder, Marcus E. Raichle, Joseph P. Culver, Jin-Moo Lee. NeuroImage, Volume 215, 15 July 2020, Article number 116810 Read More

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Organization of Propagated Intrinsic Brain Activity in Individual Humans

Posted on April 21, 2020

Ryan V Raut, Anish Mitra, Scott Marek, Mario Ortega, Abraham Z Snyder, Aaron Tanenbaum, Timothy O Laumann, Nico U F Dosenbach, Marcus E Raichle. Cerebral Cortex, Volume 30, Issue 3, 14 March 2020, Pages 1716-1734 Read More

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