Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope with UV Excitation: More information

Start-up and shutdown

Been away from the scope too long? Stubborn independent streak? Need to take images, and need them now? Look no further. Presented here in easy to read form are some quick to follow steps to get you up and on your way to vibrant, beautiful images in no time.

Startup Procedure (Quickstart)
  1. log on to the computer using your network account and password
  2. power on microscope & components
  3. start “PASCAL” software
  4. make sure “scan new images” is selected and click “start”
  5. turn on appropriate laser lines in the “laser” panel
  6. setup configuration by either:
    1. opening an old image and selecting “reuse”
    2. click “store/apply” configuration
  7. select “Fast XY” and configure mode settings
  8. select “Single”
Shutdown Procedure (Quickfinish)

Complementary to the Quickstart guide is this Quickfinish. Here are the few short steps to make sure nothing is damaged or lost in the shutdown process.

  1. save your data
  2. make sure your data is saved
  3. exit the Zeiss software
  4. if you used the Argon 488-458-514 laser, set it to standby with the key, do not turn it off with the switch. The Argon laser requires a cooldown period to prevent damage.
  5. power off the microscope & other components
  6. logout