Multiphoton Microscope: More information

Start-up and shutdown

Been away from the scope too long? Stubborn independent streak? Need to take images, and need them now? Look no further. Presented here in easy to read form are some quick to follow steps to get you up and on your way to vibrant, beautiful images in no time.

  1. log on to the computer using your network account and password
  2. power on microscope & components
  3. turn Chameleon key from Standby to On (if using Chameleon)
  4. start “LSM 510” software
  5. make sure “scan new images” is selected and click “start expert mode”
  6. turn on appropriate laser lines in the “laser” panel
  7. setup configuration by either:
    1. opening an old image and selecting “reuse”
    2. click “store/apply” configuration
  8. select “Fast XY” and configure mode settings
  9. select “Single”

Complementary to the Quickstart guide is this Quickfinish. Here are the few short steps to make sure nothing is damaged or lost in the shutdown process.

  1. save your data
  2. make sure your data is saved
  3. exit the Zeiss software
  4. if you used the Argon 488-458-514 laser, wait until it completes the cooldown process (you can tell by placing your hand above the fan, if there is a strong breeze, wait longer)
  5. if you used the Chameleon laser, switch key from “On” to “Standby”
  6. power off the microscope & components
  7. logout


Question: Why can’t I get epifluorescence through the eyepieces?


Ensure the following:

  1. the black slider blocking the HBO is pulled out
  2. the silver slider is set to the VIS position
  3. the turret is set to either 3,4, or 5
  4. open the config panel in the AIM software, select non-descanned mode, make sure the filter set closest to the PMT is set to HBO mirror

Error List:
Here is a list of known errors generated by the AIM software and how to handle them:

  • AUV timeout
    • updated: 10-8-2003
    • AIM version: 3.2
    1. C:\AIM\Hwt\Canchk.exe
    2. press F1 “Scan Module”
    3. follow “press any key” instructions
    4. check if any lines are hilighted red
    5. if so, press control-r and reset the firmware
    6. press F10 twice and confirm exit the program
  • Object: NLO AOM Driver; no AOTF lines found
    • updated: 10-8-2003
    • AIM version: 3.2

This error is generated when the database file becomes corrupted for a currently unknown reason. It usually calls for a replacement.

  • Object: PH [1, 2, or 3] timeout
    • updated: 3-2-2004
    • AIM version: 3.2
  1. exit the software
  2. turn off the main power switch
  3. wait 20 seconds
  4. turn on main power switch
  5. wait 20 seconds
  6. start software
  • Transmitted light: 5 sec timeout
    • updated: 3-2-2004
    • AIM version: 3.2
    This error only affects acquisition of transmitted light.

Currently, this problem requires a visit from the Zeiss representative, as the current version of dbTool is incompatible with the non-descanned detectors.