DNA/RNA purification prices

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Extractions (DNA)

  • Whole Blood >5ml: $19.80/sample
  • Whole Blood <5ml: $15.85/sample
  • Buffy: $19.80/sample
  • Saliva (Oragene): $11.00/sample
  • DNA extraction from cell pellet: $14.85/sample
  • Buccal swab: Available upon request
  • Blood Cards: Available upon request
  • DNA extraction from > 50mg frozen tissue: $20/sample
  • DNA extraction from < 50mg frozen tissue: $10/sample

Extractions (RNA)

  • RNA extraction with on-column DNAse digestion (from tissue): <20mg: $11.00/sample
  • RNA extraction from other various source materials: Available upon request


  • Additional QC analysis (NanoDrop): $1/sample
  • Agarose gel analysis for degradation: $1/sample
  • AccuBlue Quantitation: $1.10/sample
  • RIN; Available upon request


  • APOE genotyping: $3.85/sample
  • KASPar Genotyping: $1.10/sample
  • SNP: Varies
  • Fingerprinting: Varies

Sanger Sequencing

  • Varies


  • Aliquoting: $2 first aliquot + (.25/additional aliquot)
  • Transfer from 1.7mL to barcoded tubes: $2/sample


  • Normalization to standard DNA concentration: $1.00/sample
  • Normalization and plating to 96 well plates for GTAC: $2.50/sample

Sample Storage

  • Sample storage (microtubes in cardboard box): $10/box/month (box of 81 samples; box size = 9×9)
  • Sample storage (96 well micronic rack format): $5/box/month (micronic rack of 96 samples; box size = 12×8)

Rush jobs

  • Additional 30% of regular price