Shared facilities available to WashU and other investigators


Hope Center Cores provide expertise and equipment to advance the pace of research findings and discovery.  Click below to learn more, including services offered and how to initiate use. Users are required to provide a fund number when use is initiated.

Note: Hope Center Cores are ICTS-affiliated cores, so qualify for the ICTS and Hope Center/ICTS Just-in-Time (JIT) programs.

Alafi Neuroimaging

Equipment and software for imaging and whole-slide scanning

Animal Surgery

Stereotaxic injection; surgical models of disease and potential therapeutic strategies

DNA/RNA Purification

Extraction of nucleic acids from a variety of tissue types

In Vivo Microdialysis

Screening compounds for their ability to reduce brain interstitial fluid levels of Aβ or other analytes

Viral Vectors

Constructing and packaging viral vectors for experimental gene delivery

Microelectrode Array (MEA)

For high-throughput screening of drug effects on excitability, disease-in-a-dish modeling, and other applications